Here comes the Sun

Posted on September 8th, 2010 by solocrow.
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Yesterday’s sun, to be more precise. This morning though, I can’t be pried away from my coffee.

*hisses at evil daystar*


Non-working weekend

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Eventually last night’s sky and fire became inseparable to me.

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Crow followed Ulysses till he turned
As a worm, which Crow ate.

Grappling with Hercules’ two puff-adders
He strangled in error Dejanira.

The gold melted out of Hercules’ ashes
Is an electrode in Crow’s brain.

Drinking Beowulf’s blood, and wrapped in his hide,
Crow communes with poltergeists out of old ponds.

His wings are the stiff back of his only book,
Himself the only page — of solid ink.

So he gazes into the quag of the past
Like a gypsy into the crystal of the future,

Like a leopard into a fat land.

~ Crowego, from Ted Hughes’ Crow

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Magical Dangers

Posted on April 14th, 2009 by solocrow.
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Crow thought of a palace —
Its lintel crashed on him, his bones were found.

Crow thought of a fast car —
It plucked his spine out, and left him empty and armless.

Crow thought of the wind’s freedom —
And his eyes evaporated, the wind whistled over the Turkish Saddle.

Crow thought of a wage —
And it choked him, it was cut unspoiled from his dead stomach.

Crow thought of the soft and warm that is long remembered —
It blindfolded him with silk, it gangplanked him into a volcano.

Crow thought of intelligence —
It turned the key against him and he tore at its fruitless bars.

Crow thought of nature’s stupor —
And an oak tree grew out of his ear.

A row of his black children sat in the top.
They flew off.

Never again moved.

~ Magical Dangers, from Ted Hughes’ Crow


stars & roses

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